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Super Triangle

An adjustable triangle is a staple of every drafting setup. Morpholio has supercharged this tool for the best drawing app for iPad, transforming it into a Super Triangle for drawing accurate, straight lines at any angle!

Architecture and interior design plan drawing by Ayesha Isahac.

How to Get Started with the Super Triangle

Step 1. Measure & Draw

Tap the Super Triangle button to turn on the Super Triangle. You can use this tool to draw straight lines along the edge. You can also measure distances with the triangle edge. When you zoom in and out, you'll see that the units adjust to give you the best measurements at any view.

Pro Tip
Rotate the Super Triangle three times to get an angle less than 3°.

Super Triangle

Step 2. Set Your Angle

You can use the slider or the drop-down menu to set the angle of your triangle.

Super Triangle

Step 3. Parallel & Perpendicular Lines with Assist

To draw straight lines parallel and perpendicular to each edge of the triangle, tap the Gear button and then turn "Assist" on.

Super Triangle

Step 4. Draw Straight Lines in Any Direction

Turn on the "∞ Tap Toggle" button to quickly move between drawing lines that snap to the triangle's edge and infinite angle mode that lets you draw straight lines in any direction. While you draw a line with your Pencil, tap the screen with one finger to toggle between these two modes.

Super Triangle

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to get started with the Super Triangle.

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Version: 5.3

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