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Layers are an essential aspect of Trace that makes it the best app for architects. Just like real trace paper, Trace layers can be stacked, have a specific size, and can be moved around your workspace. Plus, there are digital advantages including easily changing layer and drawing opacity, copying and pasting your layers between projects, and blending your drawings.

Architecture plan drawing by WORKac.

How to Get Started with Layers

Step 1. Add a New Layer

There are three types of layers: drawing layers, image layers, and text layers.

Drawing Layers

Tap the Add Drawing Layer button to create a new drawing layer. Layers in Trace have boundaries and are not infinite, just like real sheets of trace paper. New layers are the size of your current screen view. If you want to increase your drawing area, you can zoom out and add a new layer. 

Pro Tip
If you want higher resolution while zooming in simply zoom in to the area you are drawing and add a layer. As long as you draw on that zoomed in layer, you will see improved resolution.


Image Layers

Tap the Add Image button to add an image to your drawing. You can resize, crop, and place your photo.


Paste Images from Photos

You can also add an image layer by copying the image in Photos. Then long press anywhere in your project area and a "Paste" button will pop up. Tap "Paste" to paste in your image.


Text Layers

Tap the Add Text button to add a line of text to your drawing. You can set the font, size, and color of your text. Currently, text layers cannot be combined, grouped, or edited at once.


Step 2. Set Active Layer

Trace works like a real stack of layers, so you’re always drawing on the top visible layer. To draw on a layer that is lower in your stack, double-tap that layer in your layer toolbar to set it as the active layer and draw on only that layer.

Pro Tip
Tap a layer preview in the layer toolbar to zoom to that layer.


Step 3. Modify Your Layers

You can set your layer and drawing opacities, copy your layers between projects, mirror your layers, and more!

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Step 4. Move Layers

Use three fingers to press on a layer and then drag to move your layers around the drawing area.


Step 5. Arrange Your Layers

In the layer toolbar, press and hold a layer preview. When it pops up, you can move it up and down in your layer stack to change your layer order.


How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to draw with layers.

Version: 5.3

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