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Need to copy one layer into a different project? In Trace, you can copy and paste layers from one project to another which helps make it the best drawing app for iPad.

Architecture plan drawing by WORKac.

How to Copy & Paste Layers from One Project to Another

Step 1. Copy Your Layer

Tap the Layer Actions button (3-dots) for the layer you want to copy. Then, tap "Copy". You'll know the layer is copied to your clipboard when it appears at the top of your layer toolbar.

Copy & Paste

Step 2. Open Another Project 

Tap the Project Page button to return to your project page and open the other project that you want to paste your layer into.

Copy & Paste

Step 3. Paste Your Layer to Scale

Tap the layer that is on top of your layer toolbar to paste it into your current project. The layer is PERFECTLY scaled to your new drawing so be sure not to move or resize it. Tap the Check button to insert the layer. Or if you need to resize it, you can use two fingers to pinch and place the layer.

Copy & Paste

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to copy layers between projects to scale.

Version: 5.3

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