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Roller Brush

Learn how to use the Roller Brush to fill regions, color diagrams, overlay shadows, and much more. 

How to Use Roller Brush

Step 1. Select Roller Brush

Tap any of your pens and then tap on the Roller Brush button.

Pro Tip
When you have the Roller Brush selected, all of the drawing tools on your top toolbar are not accessible. Select a different pen to access these tools again.

Roller Brush

Step 2. Set Your Opacity

Adjust this slider to set the opacity for the Roller Brush.

Pro Tip
If you want to fill with low opacity without getting overlapping regions, turn your Opacity Slider to 100%. Then, tap on the Layer Actions (•••) button on the layer you want to add your fill to. Change your Paper Blending to Multiply and now you can keep adding fills to this layer with no overlaps.

Roller Brush

Step 3. Fill

Start drawing and you'll be able to fill entire regions with a single stroke.

Pro Tip
Always double check your layer before adding fills. You can always select the layer you want to add your fills to by double tapping on the Layer in the Layer Toolbar. It's smart to keep your fills on a separate layer than your line drawings to keep your project organized.

Roller Brush

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to use the Roller Brush.

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