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Inspiration can come from anywhere but one of the easiest places to get inspired is online. With the web clipper, you can add images from any website and once they're added to your board, they automatically link back to the product website.

How to Get Started with the Web Clipper

Learn how to add images to your mood board from any website.

Step 1. Open the Web Clipper

Tap the Web Clipper button.

Web Clipper

Step 2. Navigate to Your Website

Use the Search Bar and Navigation buttons to get to the product webpage you want.

Web Clipper

Step 3. Clip Your Image

Tap the Crop button and then drag the Red Nodes to select the area that you want to clip.

Web Clipper

Step 4. Insert Your Clip

Tap the Check button to insert your clip into your board. Scale and place the image on your board.

Web Clipper

Step 5. Remove the Background

Did you find the right product but the background doesn't match your board? Use the Cut Out tools to remove the background!

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Web Clipper

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to add images to your mood board using the web clipper.

Version: 4.0

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