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AR Color Capture

Did you know you can now use Augmented Reality (AR) in Board to virtually sample and explore color from the world around you — in seconds? With AR Color Capture, you can discover colors around you and import them as color swatches directly into your boards.

How to Get Started with AR Color Capture

Learn how to use AR Color Capture.

Step 1. Launch AR Color Capture

Tap the "AR Color Capture" tab to open AR Color Capture mode.

AR Color Capture

Step 2. Capture Color Sample Dots

Tap any Yellow dot on your screen to capture the color sample of that area or object. You'll see an AR Color Bubble appear on the screen as well as a Swatch Tile on the right side of your screen.

AR Color Capture

Step 3. Add a Swatch to Your Board

Tap a Swatch Tile on the right side to add that swatch color to your board.

AR Color Capture

Step 4. Delete Color Bubble

Tap any AR Color Bubble to delete it from your selection.

AR Color Capture

Step 5. Return To Board

Tap "Done" to return to the mood board space.

AR Color Capture

Step 6. Edit Your Swatches

You'll see that all of the color swatches you selected from AR Color Capture have been added to your Board. To change the swatch shape, tap the swatch. Then hit the Swatch button in the image toolbar to edit your swatch.

Learn how to edit your swatch shapes here >

AR Color Capture

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to use AR Color Capture.

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Version: 4.0

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