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Cut Out

Cut Out solves all your background removal needs, making it easy to clip furniture from photos, catalogs, Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere you find your visual inspo! 

How to Get Started with Cut Out

Cut Out combines the Magic Wand, a customizable Super Eraser, and a Magic Knife tool for pro image editing. 

Step 1. Tap the Cut Out Button

Select an image on your moodboard and then tap the Cut Out button.

Cut Out

Step 2. Set Your Background Color

Tap the Background button to change between black, white, or checkered background.

Cut Out

Step 3. Select Your Mode

Select between the Magic Wand, Super Eraser, and Magic Knife.

Cut Out

Magic Wand

Board’s Magic Wand has long been a favorite tool. Use it to instantly remove white backgrounds from any image. Tap the "+" button to remove white from your selected image. Tap the "–" button to add white to your selected image.

Cut Out

Super Eraser

The new eraser will allow you to sweep away unwanted items in any photo and zoom in to perfect the details. Tap the Shape button to switch your brush between square and circle. Adjust your Size, Smoothing, and Opacity sliders to set your brush. If you're using your finger, adjust the Offset slider so you can see your brush as you move your finger over the screen.

Pro Tip
Start with a big eraser size to remove large portions of the image from a zoomed-out view. Then reduce the size of your eraser and zoom in to finish erasing to the edge of your product or furniture.

Cut Out

Magic Knife

For bolder moves, use the magic knife to select large areas of an image to subtract. The knife works great for clipping unwanted shadows or use it to quickly pull an item out of a scene. Adjust your Opacity to set your knife.

Pro Tip
If you're using your finger, adjust the Offset so you can see your knife as you move your finger over the screen.

Cut Out

Step 4. Undo/Redo or Reset

If you make a mistake, just tap the Undo or Redo buttons. You can also tap the Reset button to return your image to its original state.

Cut Out

Step 5. Confirm Changes

Tap "Done" to confirm your changes and return to the mood board space.

Cut Out

Step 6. Continue Editing

If you need to make further changes, you can always tap the Cut Out button again.

Cut Out

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to use Cut Out.

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