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Keeping projects organized is essential for interior designers and every design profession and folders in the project page are perfect for that. It's one of the reasons Board is the best app for interior design!

How to Get Started with Folders

Learn how to group your projects and get started with folders below.

Step 1. Add a New Folder

Tap the Add Folder button to add a new folder.


Step 2. Name Your Folder

Add a title to name your folder.


Step 3. Add Projects to a Folder

Press and hold any folder until it pops up. Then you can change the folder order or move a folder inside another folder by dragging it on top of that folder.

Pro Tip
If you want to move it outside of the current folder, just drag it onto the "Back to..." area.


Step 4. Create a Folder from Multiple Projects

You can also create a folder from a group of projects.

Step A. Open Edit Mode

First, tap "Select".


Step B. Select Projects

Select the projects you want to create a folder with.


Step C. Group Projects into Folder

Tap "Group" on the bottom to create a folder with the selected projects inside it.


Step D. Name Folder

Add a title to name to your folder.


Step E. Exit Edit Mode

Tap "Done" to exit the project edit mode.


How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to organize your projects and folders.

Version: 4.0

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