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After you finish your interior design or creative moodboard, you can share it as an image, PSD, or project file with any collaborator or client.

How to Export Your Board

Learn how to export your board as an image, PSD, or project.

Step 1. Set Ava to Board

Tap "Board" on the Ava toggle to flip to the board mode.


Step 2. Tap "Export" Button

Tap the Export button on the board toolbar to open the export options.


Step 3. Select File Type

You can choose between exporting an image, a PSD, or a project.



Export an image file (JPG or PNG) of the board.


Export a Photoshop file (PSD) with each layer as a separate layer. If you select this option, skip to Step 5. 


Export a project file to edit in Morpholio Board on another device or save it as a backup. If you select this option, skip to Step 5. 

Step 4. Set File Quality

If you select "Image" as your file type, you can choose the quality of your export. Then, tap "Share".


Good Quality

This provides a 2K, email-optimized file.

Better Quality

This provides a 3K, display-quality file.

Best Quality

This provides a 4K, print-quality file.

Step 5. Share or Back Up

Share the image, PSD, or project files for your board through AirDrop, email, messages, or share directly to your social media channels.


How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to export your board.

Version: 4.0

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