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Your moodboard super tools will help you organize, edit, and arrange the images you add to your interior design moodboard or creative collage.

How to Get Started with Moodboard Super Tools

Learn how to delete, duplicate, arrange, mirror, crop, cut out your images and much more.

Step 1. Select an Item

To access your moodboard super tools, tap once any image, swatch, text, or drawing to select it. Then you will see your moodboard super tools appear.

Pro Tip
If you can't select an image, open your Layers to make sure that it is not locked.


Step 2. Place & Transform Your Item

Place, resize, and rotate your item to get it onto the right spot on your board.

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Step 3. Edit Your Item

After you select your item, you can delete, duplicate, arrange, magic wand, cut out, mirror, or crop it.



Remove an item from your board. This action can be undone.


Create an exact copy of the item.


Tap the Up Arrow to move an item forward. Tap the Back Arrow to push an item backwards.

Magic Wand

Tap the "+" Wand button to remove white from your selected image. Tap the "–" Wand button to add white to your selected image.

Cut Out

Remove any background from your image.

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Flip your item horizontally.


Edit the boundaries of your item.

Add to Library

Tap the Add to Library button to add your selected item to your personal library.

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Edit Text

If you select text, you can tap the "Aa" button to edit your text.

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Edit Swatch

If you select a swatch, you can tap the Swatch Maker button to edit your swatch color, shape, and label.

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Step 4. Snap

Toggle Snap on to snap your item's edges to the grid or to other images. Toggle Snap off to move items around freely.

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Step 5. Multi-select & Align

To move, transform, delete, duplicate, arrange, or align multiple items at once, toggle Multi-select on. Then you can tap multiple items to select them at once. To align your selected items to the top, bottom, sides, or centers, tap the Align buttons.

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Step 6. Confirm Changes

Tap outside of your selected item to confirm your changes and return to the mood board space.


How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to use moodboard super tools.

Version: 4.0

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