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Shape Seed

You can discover thousands of products by color using Shape Seed. Select any product from the Board Curated Library to find other products with similar shapes.

How to Get Started with Shape Seed

Learn how to use the Shape Seed to find similarly-shaped products for your interior design mood boards.

Step 1. Open Shape Seed

Tap the "Shape" tab to open Shape Seed.

Shape Seed

Step 2. Select an Image

Tap any Image on the bottom toolbar to add it to the center of your Shape Seed.

Pro Tip
Press and hold a product on the bottom toolbar until it pops up. Then, you can drag it to the center of the Color Seed to set that image as your primary color.

Shape Seed

Step 3. Select a Product

Tap any Product Bubble to open the product popup. Then you can use any product actions to add it to your board, add it to your personal library, pin it, and more!

Shape Seed

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to use Shape Seed.

Version: 4.0

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