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Multi-Select & Align

Sometimes, you need to move or manage multiple items on your moodboard at one time. Multi-Select helps you do this!

How to Multi-Select Items

Learn how to delete, duplicate, arrange or add multiple items to your library at once.

Step 1. Select an Image

Tap an Image on your board.

Multi-Select & Align

Step 2. Toggle Multi-Select On

Tap the Multi-Select option on your Selection toggle.

Multi-Select & Align

Step 3. Select Multiple Items

Tap any image, text, or drawing on your board to select multiple items.

Multi-Select & Align

Step 4. Edit & Manage

Now you can tap Delete, Duplicate, Move Forward, Move Backward, or Add to Library to apply each action to all of the selected items.

Multi-Select & Align

Step 5. Align

Tap any of the Alignment buttons to shift the selected items into alignment.

Multi-Select & Align

Step 6. Return to Single-Select Mode

Tap the Single-Select option on your Selection toggle to select only one image at a time again.

Multi-Select & Align

How To Video

Enjoy this how to video highlighting how to use Multi-Select mode.

Version: 4.0

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