Education Discount

Having the best tools in studio is not only critical to academic exploration, it sets new precedents for how our industries will reshape the future of design processes. In an effort to help provide economic relief as well as encourage new ways of working, Morpholio is thrilled to now offer a special Trace Edu Subscription to all pre-approved individual members of educational institutions as follows:

· 75% off Trace Pro for an Entire Year
· Includes All Pro Features
· Exclusive for Students & Educators

Get Started.

If you qualify, please fill out the form and look for an email with next steps.

Welcome! We are so happy to have your institution interested in Trace and we know your students will love it. As App Store standards will only allow discounted subscriptions for individuals, Morpholio is thrilled to offer a VERY special one time purchase license option for all educational institutions.

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If your school email does not use .edu domain extension, you can input any academic email address.
Please submit ONE clear photo of your School or University ID card issued by your academic institution.
Photo must ONLY show:
- Your Full Name
- ID Expiration Date

Please block out any other info and ensure your submitted photo does NOT show any personal information including your address, phone number, Social Security Number, or any other unnecessary information. If your ID card does contain other personal information, this MUST be blacked out.

DO NOT SUBMIT any other forms of ID (Driver's License, Passport, etc.)

Special Note: The submitted photo of your student ID card will be verified and then immediately purged. No photos of IDs are saved, stored, or shared in any way.
I confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate. I further understand that any false statements may result in revocation of the Trace Edu Discount.

The Morpholio Trace Edu Discount can only be requested and purchased by currently enrolled students, faculty or members of an academic institution. This discount is only valid for the purchase of a single subscription and is limited to one per person. You cannot access the discount if you have an active trial or subscription to Morpholio Trace.