Welcome to Morpholio

Welcome to Morpholio, a group of applications that reinvent creative processes for designers, artists, photographers and any imaginative individual. Featured in FastComany, USA Today, ABC News, ArchDaily, Metropolis Magazine, MacLife, Resource Magazine, Dwell and many more, Morpholio is both a set of utilities as well as a vibrant community.

Wired Featured App
"Digital Magic"
 Featured App
"An innovative public viewing system called EyeTime"
 Featured App
"For Crossing Borders, the overall impact is powerful"


Sketch. Design. Create.
A Drawing app for building and sharing ideas

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Discover. Design. Present.
An app for Mood, Memo and White Boards

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Write. Sketch. Collecte.
A Sketchbook app to organize, collect, build ideas

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Present. Collaborate. Critique.
A Portfolio App for Design, Art and Photography

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